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I am a versatile designer who loves bringing bold ideas to life. From research to execution, I am competent across a variety of design skills and disciplines.

Roulette – Circle Back

Some things can only be understood if they are experienced first-hand. But if you’ve missed your chance, there’s nothing you can do…

Wrong! With Yore’s time travel excursions, you can take a touristic break to the events of the past century.

Response to the Cameron Day Trust’s Roulette competition.


In partnership with Julia Barbagallo

Gen Alpha is the most eco-conscious generation ever. Yet many live in urban areas, with no direct connection to the environment they want to protect.

Grown wants to help bring nature indoors, by helping young people track and care for edible herbs right in their windowsill!


The premise was simple: create a brand based on a rare natural phenomenon.

Welcome to Changed. Taste truffle delicacies in a faerie party held deep in England’s biggest forest.

Four images side by side, with a dark green gradient with gold text at the bottom. The first image shows an aerial view of a forest, and the text reads "Arrival: Arrive at Kielder Forest, the biggest forest in England, and make your way to Bakethin Car Park."
The second image shows a horse-drawn carriage under autumn-coloured trees. The text reads "Meet and Greet: Enter a horse-drawn carriage to meet with the other people at your table, and be escorted together to the event site."
The third image shows a winding table set in the forest. The text reads "Event Site: Join the Fae table set in the heart of the forest. Enjoy a full spread of entrées served by our full-costume fairy staff, while mingling with other guests."
The fourth image shows the sunset hanging low behind the tied branches of a forest. Text reads "Sunset: The main dish is served exactly as the sun sets. Enjoy the tastes of the Faewild while the sky changes colours under the first moment of Autumn."

Polari Project

It is difficult for LGBT+ people in rural areas to find each other.

The solution? A friendly online community, accessible only to people from a specific geographic area.

D&AD Durex

What is something that is getting in the way of pleasure?

Durex asked students to identify a sexual barrier, and propose a solution: