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I wish to create products that serve to regenerate the earth and enable a lifestyle connected to nature.

Industrial Design Major Project

Artificial Fertilizers are costly to the Earth as well as farmer’s wallets. They are extremely inefficient, conventional agriculture uses more than 150 million tonnes of chemical fertilizers per year (mostly NPK). Much of this is wasted, the phosphorus in chemical fertilizers binds to minerals in the soil and becomes unavailable to plants, unless there are micro-organisms present in the soil to convert it. Without a healthy soil biology up to half of Nitrogen inputs are lost, washed into rivers and seas where they can cause algal blooms which suck oxygen out of the water and suffocate other life forms, creating anoxic dead zones. There are over 400 such zones in coastal waters worldwide. The cost of environmental pollution to peoples and governments is significant.

Product Development

Beneficial microbes can be identified and transplanted from one garden plot to the other by capturing a soil sample from the field, growing out the microbes (fungi, bacteria etc) on an agar plate then creating a liquid broth of the microbes and applying that to another plot. The images below show the processes taken to generate a design for 1) a device to capture soil samples in the field, and 2) an incubator to provide optimum conditions to cultivate a variety of soil microbes for the purpose of applying them to the field.