Neotensils are designed to reduce kitchen utensil waste through modular designs. Featuring innovative locking mechanisms & quick release tool heads with modular organisers.

Standardised mechanism accommodates a wide range of interchangeable tool heads from different types of paired tools like kitchen tongs to ‘singular’ tools such as spatulas and whisks.

Cooking can sometimes feel task-driven and repetitive. Neotensils aim to reintroduce the joy of cooking by making the cooking tools more fun and engaging to use.

The modular nature allows users to be able to store more tools with significantly less space, in a neat fashion.

Each tool organiser also acts as an individual docking station for the quick-release feature when placed on the cooktop. Users can stack multiple organisers together using the magnets on the sides. With intuitive, simple movements, users can switch tools single-handedly during a cooking session without interrupting the process. Integrated with a removable drip tray collects drippings while the tool is at rest.

Sustainability is at its core. Neotensils are designed with longevity in mind. Parts can be easily disassembled and repaired using an embedded screwdriver in the handle, accessible by removing the lower cover. This feature allows for customisation, giving users the freedom to update colours or handle designs for different cooking environments, such as outdoor cooking, professional kitchens, and restaurants.

2022 – 2023 Placement Year at PriestmanGoode