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I value the importance of psychology in design, as it enables me to create meaningful, engaging solutions for people who seek emotional connection in their product experience.

Final Year Project

Apaise: Navigating Your Path to Sensory Balance

Apaise provides a personalised sensory experience through tactile feedback and olfactory stimulation. At the heart of our wearable, lies a dedication to empowering autistic users who experience discomfort on a daily basis. Our mission is to promote emotional and sensory regulation, to navigate the world at your own pace.

Your Sense of Peace

Whether you’re at home, work, or in public, Apaise offers a personalised oasis of serenity, with an array of adjustable aromas, to ground you. Reduce your discomfort with your favourite handpicked scents, just a button away.

It’s Your World Now

Holophane – Live Brief

HoloStride: Illuminate Your Journey

A walking assistance device for users over 60, designed to regulate disrupted circadian rhythms. HoloStride is designed to gradually expose users to specific wavelengths of 600 and 1200nm to stimulate melatonin production for better sleep propensity.
HoloStride features an in-built SOS button to immediately alert your designated emergency contact through the speaker.
HoloStride is fitted with a light with a CRI of 90 to minimise loss of perception and increase visibility of potential hazards through even and uniform illumination for confident navigation.