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Hi, I’m Trini! I’m a multi-disciplinary designer who creates to make an impact on the world, to tell stories yet to be told, and to help those who are in need,

Final Year Projects

Type: Collaborative Project (with LSU Marketing Team)

Category: Poster Design, Social Media, Marketing Assets, Branding, Events Promotion

My Role: Visual Elements, Illustrations, Poster Making (mainly 3 out of 5), Marketing Assets

The Background

The International Students’ Network (ISN) under Loughborough Students’ Union (LSU) Welfare and Diversity section holds an International Day every year to celebrate the diverse culture at Loughborough University and provides the opportunity for International Students to share their culture with other students.

As the chair of ISN this year, I decided to expand the International Day into an International Week and created a series of marketing materials for the event together with the Marketing Team. The week provides an opportunity for International Students to share their culture through their cooking, crafts, dance, music and sports with other students from around the world.

Social Media Promotion

In this project, I am mainly responsible for creating the marketing materials for the following three events:
International Day, International Creative Fair and International Night.

After sending out the information about this event a month ago to invite students to sign up for International Day and International Creative Fair as a participant, we started the promotion by posting on ISN Instagram Account

Online Promotion on LSU Website

International Night Promotion Banner on LSU Website Home Page
International Creative Fair Promotion Banner on LSU Website Home Page

Type: Collaborative Project (with Rachel Leung)

Category: Branding, Mobile Game

My Role: Visual Elements, Character and Environment Illustrations, Concept Development together with Rachel Leung

The Background

3 years ago, over 191,000 Hong Kong citizens moved to United Kingdom for a better life with the start of the BNO Visa Route. With many foreign faces appearing in the UK neighbourhood in these few years, some British people might not understand why Hong Kong citizens are moving to the UK and the lack of opportunity for locals to interact with Hong Kongers creates a barrier between both communities.

The Purpose

HOCOOK! is a restaurant cooking game which connects both Hong Kong and the UK communities through game culture in order to increase the acceptance rate and reduce the discrimination rate of the British people towards Hong Kongers.

The game also aims to help Hong Kongers to find ingredients in the UK to recreate their favourite dish from home. This helps them to adapt to the new environment more easily.

The Game Concept

The game combines both real life cooking elements and restaurant simulation into one. The player will take up the role of a Hong Konger who moved to the UK and decided to open a Cha Chaan Teng restaurant in London. (Cha Chaan Teng means Hong Kong Style Cafe)

The Environment

The environment illustration style and colours are inspired by the looks of Cha Chaan Teng from the 50s.

We added more saturation to the colours while keeping the vintage look at the same time.

Game Interface and Brand Colours

Placement Projects

During my placement at NBCUniversal, I volunteered for the graphic designer position in Team Universal.
I am responsible for designing promotional graphic materials for the campaigns and events that the team organised to raise money for the Prince’s Trust Million Makers Challenge. This is a rewarding experience as I am able to design to make an impact.

This project is created for NBCUniversal International Media Operations (IMO). It is created with the aim to make IMO more noticeable in the office as well as bring in the creativeness and colours into the working environment.

The different blocks and stairs in the illustration showcase and explain how different departments under IMO works together. This helps other teams to understand what service we provide and encourages them to ask IMO for help when they encounter an issue related to the services IMO provides.

The illustration also act as a branding asset as each block, item and character can be used separately in presentations, prints to help IMO stand out from other teams in the company.

  • NBCUniversal – Project Support
    (07.2023 – 09.2023)
    • Designed an Illustration which can be used flexibly for Inter-departmental marketing and team culture project
  • NBCUniversal – Media Product Intern
    • Created presentation decks, business illustrations, wireframes and flowcharts for new product,
  • NBCUniversal – Team Universal Graphic Designer
    (09.2022 – 03.2023)
    • Designed advertising promotional materials for Team Universal campaigns and events for The Prince’s Trust Million Makers Challenge
  • International Officer and Chair of International Students’ Network
    (07.2023 – 07. 2024)
    • Created promotional materials for International Week and led a team of 13 to organise 24 events and 3 campaigns
  • International Students’ Network – Media and Communications Officer
    (09.2021 – 06.2022)
    • Designed social media posts, leaflets for events and celebrations which boosted Instagram account reach by 381% in 90 days
  • Going the Extra Mile Award (GEM)
    • Issue by NBCUniversal in June 2023
  • Continuing Professional Development Certificate
    • Issued by The CPD Certification Service for Million Makers activity in March 2023
  • NBCUniversal C-Suite Challenge – Internal Creative Strategic Group Challenge
    • Achieved First Place in June 2023
  • Diploma in Professional Studies (DPS)