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Younger me: "Design is fun, I'll be able to make cool things!"

Beginning - "How does that work"

Eventually - "Why does that work"

Inevitably - "Why does that not work"

Current me: Design is difficult, but the failures can be fruitful.

Tom McCormick Final Year Project


An Improved And Safer Riding Experience

Tom McCormick Final Year Project
Tom McCormick Final Year Project


Motoline was designed with the help of 40 motorcyclists who’s input aided major design decisions. Shockingly, 21 of those 40 people had been involved in an incident whilst on a motorcycle.

A study by the Department For Transport suggested countermeasures for motorcycle crashes. In nearly 50% of accidents the suggested countermeasure was to go at slower speeds around bends. This product will provide users with a visual reference for them to be able to judge the appropriate speed for a specific corner, and will hopefully reduce the number of motorbike incidents.

Motorcycle riders typically acknowledge that riding has its risks, and most attempts to enforce safety measures upon them fail. Motoline is different. The aim is to not only increase the riders safety, but also improve their overall riding experience. Having peace of mind that the upcoming corner does not gradually get tighter, or that you will be notified of large road hazards, is something that the 40 motorcyclists thought would be a great improvement to their riding experience.

Other then providing motorcycle riders with a visual reference of the tightness of an upcoming corner, it also provides an interface for advanced route mapping applications such as Waze. This two-way communication allows the user to receive and send; road hazard information, traffic information, and locations of speeding cameras.

If you would like to know more details about Motoline please feel free to email me at, all comments and feedback are appreciated.