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I am a Product Designer who blends technical expertise with creativity to produce innovative and functional products.

Tasmin Whittle – Product Design & Technology

FINAL YEAR DESIGN PROJECT – Trampoline Gymnast Training Device

This project was designed to assist Trampoline Gymnasts with training when coaching is not readily available. The product uses bend sensors and a gyroscope to track the body’s movement and provide feedback to the user on how they performed.

Functionality Sketches:
Functionality Prototyping:
Aesthetic prototyping:
In Context:
Final Aesthetic:

DESIGN WEEK – McDonalds kitchen efficiency AI device

Students were challenged with a weeklong project to harness the power of AI & Machine Learning. I personally chose to apply this topic to McDonalds as a company; having been an employee there for many years I saw the opportunity to increase the efficiency of their kitchen system.

POINT OF VIEW – An Interactive Exhibit

During my Study Abroad at the TU Delft in the Netherlands, we were tasked with creating an immersive and interactive environment. As a group we chose to focus on different animal’s sight and hearing, creating a game for young children to play whilst learning.

The exhibit was game-focused and consisted of multiple light up pedestals. The colour of the pedestal would change when stood on and the aim was to find the matching one. One of the pair would change the sound of the room to imitate that of the specified animal, whilst the other would alter the image projected onto the central dome to replicate the sight of the animal.

ELECTRONICS & MECHANICS – Aeropress Coffee Machine

A group project in which we were challenged to make a fully functioning Aeropress machine that functioned with minimal human interaction. This particular design operated using voice control, span 180 degrees and used a scissor mechanism to press the coffee.