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I'm a multidisciplinary designer specialising in editorial, typography, and print design. My work features handmade tactile textures, reflecting my enthusiasm for prints. I also bring a keen eye for design trends and art direction.


100% natural fresh cocktails.

Inspired by London’s summer park drinking culture, Bougé is a ready-to-drink cocktail brand offering cocktails made with 100% natural ingredients sourced from local farmers. By purchasing fruit ingredients directly from farmers, the brand supports the farmers businesses while helping to upkeep orchards that have become increasingly rare UK habitats due to high maintenance costs. Rather than canned cocktails, Bougé aims to elevate the drinking experience by making and selling fresh cocktails on the spot from a truck to ensure its freshness and quality.

giffgaff giving

D&AD submission

The refurbished phone market is on the rise, and to make giffgaff stand out in this competitive market, giffgaff giving is a PR campaign that taps into the current cost of living crisis to show the public giffgaff is not just a great value choice, but is also here to help people who are struggling financially. By choosing giffgaff refurbished phones, customers are not only saving money, but also taking part in a campaign to help others.


A zine to explore the relation between food and homesickness.

Potluck is a zine aiming to resolve homesickness for international students in the UK by helping them ease into their new environment. Food is a key connection to home that provides comfort and bring back the nostalgias and memories. Spreading the joy of home-cooked meals and bringing people together through food is the goal of this project.

Emotion journey map illustrating how each booklet in the zine helps alleviate feelings of homesickness for students.

Work Experience

2022 – 2023 Digital Design Intern at Urban Outfitters