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Tabitha's work uses a variety of mediums to create her vibrant installations. Through digital art she creates repeated feminine motifs. These patterns are then displayed within her crafting, which mainly consists of sewing, ceramics, print and animation.

Degree Show

My work combines colours that are often described as mature earthy tones such as deep greens and sapphire blues, alongside colours that are regarded as youthful tones such as bright corals and greens. The harmony of pigments and hidden female motifs depicted within my pattern work, attempts to highlight the self-discovery women can have whilst aging. The idea that women may feel alienated as they age is presented within the obscure imagery featuring tentacles and other zoomorphic motifs. I intend to question why women can have the tendency to withdraw and feel invisible in society as they age, I have explored this through the use of my intricate, vivid patterns to show aging can instead be an opportunity for rediscovery.

Journey to the Show

Digital Repeated Pattern
An animation featuring my most recent digital pattern moving