Nowadays, the pressures of life, work, academic demands, and anxiety about the future among Gen Z are increasing. This leads to many individuals being unable to relax their minds and express their creativity and inspiration, especially those who are not engaged in creative professions.

In this scenario, Adobe Express has become a swift and efficient solution. My animation showcases the powerful features of Adobe Express to Gen Z who have never used Adobe products but aspire to visualize their creativity.



扶桑|The Lost Daughter of Happiness


The animation The Lost Daughter of Happiness tells a story adapted from the novel of the same name, which delves into various issues from the late Qing Dynasty in China. These harrowing and significant historical events are seldom discussed or remembered today. The animation seeks to raise awareness about gender inequality and human trafficking during that era.



“Stare” is an animation tackling the problem of school bullying among teenagers.


D&AD New Blood Winner 2024

Placement and Internship Awards Loughborough University (2023)

Work Experience

2023 – 2024 Gamanity Cosmetics

2022 We Are Love