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Graphic Designer specialising in Illustration and Animation. I always use creative solutions to answer problems, and can finally apply my creativity in a socially responsible design style, via my specialist skills to make a positive impact.

BE A PLAYER introduction slide.

Personal Brief: Mental Health Animation – BE A PLAYER

BE A PLAYER - Introduction 1
Problem: Men suffer for longer from Mental Health issues, even though more women struggle with it. Men have a harder time opening up due to social norms, stigmas and avoidance of confrontation – whether it be to friends or professionals.
BE A PLAYER - Introduction 2
My research shows that friends don’t know why or how to check in. With men not seeking help and people unclear on how to check in with their mates. This could lead to a rise in suicides or more prolonged suffering.
BE A PLAYER - Introduction 3
My final outcome and solution, is a five minute video on how to check in on your friend’s mental health. It covers seven steps visualised through live action and animated video gameplay.
BE A PLAYER - Introduction 4
The Gaming animation is used as a vehicle to aid and visualise the steps. It is also a part of the steps by which difficult conversations can be made easier, when distracted – such as gaming.
Snapshot 1
With over 2,750 drawings in 2D stop motion animation
Snapshot 2
Ranging from 10-12 frames per second throughout
Snapshot 3
Depicting various classic game genres to send my message
Final Slide
Finishing off with an important message and professional helplines in case of real, urgent danger.

D&AD giffgaff Brief – Refurb Revolution

Refurbished Phones are becoming more desirable. People know they want them, but are skeptical as to who can seal the deal.

Giffgaff is here to stand with those who want refurbished, and show the world they too want to do some good! Whether it be for their own pocket or the environment.

This campaign is helping everyone get “up to good” just like giffgaff. Adding a little spice to all our lives – through colourful, comical and a little bit of naughty touch-points! Reflecting giffgaff’s outgoing and disruptive behaviour, making everyone question – have they got a little bit of giffgaff in them?

Concluding with a campaign that relates, emotes and provokes some food for thought – whether you’re a refurbished phone lover or not! Everyone can join in on the Refurb Revolution.

Giffgaff introduction
Triple Poster
Smash Poster
Blah Blah Blah refurb Mural
Choose your fighter Psoter
Bus stop poster
Spot the difference psoter