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My main area of interest involves tackling real-world issues through engaging a variety of audiences and bringing innovative design solutions to life using visual storytelling.


Ohana collaborates with universities across the country, including Loughborough University, to provide support for parents and guardians during their children’s transition to university life. This initiative aims to alleviate the impact of empty nest syndrome, which affects approximately four million people. Empty nest syndrome refers to the sense of loss and emotional distress experienced by many parents, step-parents and guardians when their youngest or only child moves away from home to attend university – often in a different town or city.

Preparation Tools Before Child’s University Departure

An information folder is available for collection from the Parent and Guardian Support Pod at University open days. This serves as an audience awareness tool.
A postcard is delivered to the parents and guardians of students accepted at Loughborough University.

University Move-in Day – Tools

A toolkit of resources for parents and guardians to help lessen the symptoms of empty nest syndrome.
A thirty-day gratitude challenge designed to help parents and guardians adopt a positive mindset and lower stress levels.
A collection of positive phrases for parents and guardians to read while departing from their child’s university campus – aimed at helping them shift their perspective.

Connection Tools Following Childs Departure

A tool located on campus prompts students to check in by sending a handwritten note and a photograph directly to their parent or guardian.
Students will enter the phone number of the parent or guardian, take a photo, handwrite a personalised message on the screen and print a copy.
Students are encouraged to keep in touch with their parents or guardians using Ohana’s ‘Send a Note’ mobile tool.

Knowing their children have checked in and are doing well will help lessen the symptoms of empty nest syndrome.

Chit Chat Corner

In an effort to reassure elderly people that they are not alone, Chit Chat Corner is a community outreach group targeting disconnected elderly individuals across the country. We offer Local Authorities a comprehensive package that includes templates, printable resources and event directions – enabling councils to successfully develop neighbourhood community clubs in their local areas. These resources are specifically designed to address the mental and physical effects of elderly loneliness, such as cognitive decline and depression.

Chit Chat Corner Engagement Outcome

A bus stop advertisement utilises lenticular printing to depict an image that transitions from an older to a younger version of the same person, while maintaining the caption “Pat is 23”.
This display highlights how Chit Chat Corner has enriched Pat’s life, making her feel youthful and vibrant again, emphasising the benefits of engaging with the brand.