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Dedicated to advancing biomimicry in design, I harness the transformative potential of additive manufacturing to develop innovative, nature-inspired solutions. This showcase highlights my most rewarding academic and project experiences, showcasing my commitment to merging nature's ingenuity with modern additive manufacturing.

Final Major Project

Cycle Sentry Anchor represents a revolutionary step forward in addressing the pervasive issue of bicycle theft in urban areas. With the increasing rates of bike theft and the government’s insufficient measures to tackle this problem, our innovative solution provides cyclists with a robust and reliable security option.

Project Description

Bicycle theft remains a significant concern for urban cyclists, exacerbated by a lackluster governmental approach to effectively mitigate these crimes. Cycle Sentry Anchor offers a smart and secure solution that elegantly integrates with urban concrete street furniture. Our product combines advanced technologies such as NFC, GPS, and CCTV to create a multi-layered security system. The automatic locking mechanism ensures quick and hassle-free usage, while the low-profile retractable design protects the anchor from environmental damage when not in use.

The accompanying mobile app provides seamless access, allowing users to rent anchors and monitor their bikes in real-time. Whether securing mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, classic bikes, or road bikes, Cycle Sentry Anchor offers unparalleled versatility and durability.

By rethinking bike security, Cycle Sentry Anchor provides peace of mind for cyclists, ensuring their bikes remain safe and secure in urban environments. This innovative approach not only enhances the functionality of street furniture but also contributes to creating safer cities for everyone.

Design for Industry

Passionate about sustainable design, I dedicated my final year to exploring the crucial environmental factors in the design and manufacture of an outdoor Arctic light device. Set by Holophane, a renowned global lighting company, the brief challenged me to create a solution that withstands extreme polar conditions while promoting renewable energy use. This project reflects my commitment to innovative, eco-friendly design and showcases my ability to address real-world challenges in renewable energy applications

Design For Manufacturing

This project showcases the design and development of a modular and customizable bike light bracket using additive manufacturing techniques. Leveraging the power of 3D printing, the bracket is designed to fit a wide range of bicycle models, providing flexibility and personalization for users. The use of Fusion 360 allowed for integrated design and simulation, ensuring optimal strength and minimal material usage.

The bike light bracket project exemplifies innovative design for manufacture principles, demonstrating how additive manufacturing can be utilized to create versatile and high-performance products. The integration of simulation tools in the design process facilitated material optimization without compromising structural integrity, making this an efficient and sustainable solution for modern cyclists.