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Contemporary artist creating vibrant and colourful paintings that encapsulate the beauty and femininity of flowers. Through meticulous and expressive use of colour, my work brings to life the delicate and intricate details of blooms, celebrating their natural elegance and allure.

Exhibition Preparation

In preparation for the Degree Show, in March I curated and exhibited recent works alongside two other final-year artists. We had a successful opening where family, friends and fellow artists joined us to view our exhibition and admire our paintings. This experience was invaluable in learning about curation and installation, as well as collaborating effectively while understanding how our work can interact with an audience. I exhibited a total of six works that represent my practice and experimentation as an evolving artist.


My work focuses on ideas of florals and femininity. I aim to encapsulate the energy and life of flowers as they act as a vehicle to construct my paintings that oscillate between realism and abstraction. My paintings strive to be captivating, vibrant, joyful, and energetic capturing the essence of my process in which I work intuitively with colour and aesthetic.

Working with a primarily pink-orientated colour palette, I experiment with different ideas of mark making, brushstrokes and applying paint, from realistic finite details to expressive larger brushstrokes. The boldness of colour and scale aims to amplify and transform the narrative of a flower’s symbolism: female grace and delicacy.