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My work explores the human emotional experience through the cathartic manipulation of materials. Through this manipulation I attempt to reclaim agency over my emotional landscape and bridge the gap between the visceral and the visible.


There are three main components to my work: the journal, the sculptures, and the audio. All these elements culminate in the curation process to create an environment that viewers can experience. My practice is dynamic, experimental, and playful in nature, with the interaction between myself and the materials used being at the forefront of everything I do.

a look inside my studio space:

a look inside my mind:

Emotion Archive: Entry 2.1
Emotion Archive: Entry 2.7
Emotion Archive: Entry 2.9

Inspiration for all the works in this show comes from journal entries that I have written over the past four months. The writing can inspire the actual making of the art object, the materials I used, or in the curatorial approach. The entire process from start to finish is a highly cathartic experience for me as the artist.


Taking intangible emotions and making them tangible for an audience is the main aim of my work. In the lead up to the show, I decided I wanted to create a space where you, the viewer, can experience my work and reflect on how it makes you feel. Do you resonate? Or do you think I’m being overdramatic? I don’t blame you.

In this show I welcome the audience to confront, explore, and ultimately find solace in the shared human experience.