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I am a conscientious, detail-orientated designer with a focus on creating solutions that enhance user experience and empower the natural world.

Introducing AllerEase

Designed with children for children 
The majority of children that I interviewed could not perform all steps correctly and nearly half of the children held the auto-injector upside down. In a real situation this would have resulted in self-injection.

How Does AllerEase Work?

Remove the cap with the pull handle, place AllerEase on the thigh and press the button on the top. AllerEase is designed to inject only when force is applied to both ends of the injector. Children prefer this design, as it is an easier way of understanding and they find it more comfortable to hold to thigh rather than stabbing it from a distance.

Skin Scan Van, RSA Student Design Awards, Group Project

Skin Scan Van

Dermatologists visit educational institutions via a skincare van and deliver personal skin scans and recommendations to students. The Van aims to make basic skincare more accessible and disseminate skincare knowledge to individuals seeking information.