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An industrial designer with a focus on design for manufacture and product functionality.

Bloom: a Natural Algae Air Filter and Pollution Sensor for People with Respiratory Health Issues

This design aims to tackle the growing levels of air pollution in urban areas caused by traffic congestion, public transport and infrastructure energy consumption. Urban areas are frequently visited by people suffering from respiratory conditions, exposure to air pollution can have a significant impact on their condition.

How Bloom Works

Bloom uses the algae species Chlorella Vulgaris as a natural air filter that removes particulates from the air, these particulates are then used in photosynthesis to create food for the organism which is used for growth meaning the filter will become more effective over time. Bloom also features an air quality sensor, this allows Bloom to detect the pollution levels around it. This data is then relayed to the user through the Bloom app, this allows the user to check the air quality around them and decide if they would like to go outside and risk aggravating their condition.