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I'm a Visual Communications student passionate about digital design and showcasing my art in a way to help aid others. I plan to pursue an undergraduate degree in Graphic Design at Loughborough University to advance my creative career next year.

Grow For Health

In a world filled with vibrant colours and endless opportunities, I want to invite young explorers to embark on a delicious journey into healthy eating. Through my engaging interactive activity, children will use textured papers to reveal the magic of fruits and vegetables, whilst discover the importance of sustainable materials.

This project involves designing 2D nets for paper food origami, specifically for children. The main objective is to develop simple and engaging patterns that allow kids to fold paper into various food items, such as fruits and vegetables.

The expected outcome is to provide an enjoyable and educational tool that fosters children’s creativity and learning through the art of origami.

Spring Onion Net Design
Kiwi Net Design