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Hey I'm Lucy, a product designer with a passion for all things horses! Check out my final year project below and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

Final Project

Introducing EquiHack, a product designed to improve the safety of horse riders hacking on the road.

Designed in two parts to fit to a saddle and rider, the product takes inspiration from existing radar road signs to highlight to drivers if they are travelling too quickly towards a horse on the road.

About the Design

The design uses various forms of technology to accurately detect upcoming vehicle speed.

A radar sensor is secured to a gimbal to keep the sensor steady. This then ‘talks’ to the display, via Bluetooth, where a code has been written to calculate the speed of the approaching vehicle and display this clearly on the screen. When below 10mph, the figure is green and when above 10mph, the figure is displayed in red, to clearly indicate to drivers on safe speeds.