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I am a graphic designer, whose work is led by the urge to create real social change and challenge stereotypes. While I have a multidisciplinary skillset, I have a new found confidence in developing my own illustration style.

Airbnb Connect- D&AD New Blood Winner 2024

While loneliness might be the latest epidemic humans are facing, one way to help combat it is to foster more community and more genuine face to face interactions. Airbnb, a company founded on these very principles of empowering meaningful connections, has an opportunity to return to its roots and enact real social change. The proposal is a new feature built into the website and app that allows accessible and affordable opportunities for real life interactions, specifically for Gen Z travellers who are being hardest hit by the crisis of disconnection.

Team Record Breakers

Female athletes have been subject to limiting gender stereotypes for decades, resulting not only in a lack of media visibility but also inaccurate cultural perceptions of them as somehow fragile or non-competitive. This project aims to foreground strong, successful sportswomen for once by making them the main characters in a series of children’s books. In this way we not only recognise and place value on their achievements but provide authentic and inspirational role models for a new generation. These young learners will grow up without biassed conceptions of women in sport but rather with the reality of female athletes as equal, capable, and skilled individuals. 

Team Record Breakers is a collection of books created for 3–5-year-olds. In total 25 books will feature successful, record-breaking female British athletes. The messaging not only aims to break negative stereotypes around women’s sport but to provide strong, relatable role models. The books highlight the inclusivity of athletics as the protagonists themselves represent not only different racial and ethnic backgrounds but also body types and abilities.

Each book will follow the same format highlighting individual achievements as well as relatable biographical and personal details. The books also include teachable opportunities to count and identify numbers and measurements while the illustrations provide fun references to give kids an idea of the heights, distances and speeds the athletes can achieve.

Class of 2024

I designed a brief to create a commemorative large scale art piece that could be used as part of the 2024 graduation ceremony at Loughborough University. The target audience being the graduating students as well as all the attendees, friends, family and staff. This mural represents the rollercoaster journey the Class of 2024, myself included, have been on over the past few years.