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I am a multi-media designer merging music with textiles. My passion lies in exploring digital embroidery and layering this technique with others.

Final Project

Symphonic Escape

This project is inspired by my love for electronic music, and the impact it has on our lives. The collection is intertwined with hallucinatory imagery combined with digital embroidery techniques and metalwork, aiming to create a new form of escapism through textiles the same way music does. Inspired by sound, this project began from experimenting with cymatics. I achieved this by capturing sound waves in water through light reflections. Each design is inspired by my photography which combines fluidity, with technology of synth waveforms.

The materials in this project are deeply routed within the concept, the use of copper is a connection to how sound travels through electronic systems. The copper development first started with stripping the rubber from electric cable, to reveal the copper used within. I then began to explore the properties of copper through a series of patina techniques including heat colouration, the inspiration behind the colour palette: from oranges and red to pink and deep blues. The latex fabric used in this collection is symbolic of the rubber in the electric cable which conceals and insulates the copper.

Layered digital embroidery onto leather
Quilted latex using digital embroidery
Digital embroidery experiments and water jet cut copper
Quilted latex using digital embroidery
Quilted latex using digital embroidery
Water jet cut copper

Semester 1 Project

This collection explored metals, digital print, fabric manipulation and digital embroidery. Inspired by music’s influence in youth culture and subsequent drug use. Each piece has its own hallucinatory quality, combined with materials associated with subcultures such as leather and faux fur. This project formed the foundations of my final collection.

heat colouration onto copper
Digital embroidery onto lexes and faux fur
Digital print
Quilted metallic stretch fabric
Digital embroidery onto leather
Digital embroidery and print
Screen printed latex with heat pressed chrome vinyl

Work Experience