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I specialise in Brand Identity and Strategy with a deep interest in inclusive and ethical packaging design. I enjoy developing projects that focus on important and often overlooked socio-ethical issues, such as neurodivergence, skin-confidence, and gender inclusion.

Oasen – In Your Skin Brief – RSA

“How might we increase the skin confidence of every young person to enable their unique identity to flourish?”

Group project with Emily Willis

Through responses to our questionnaire, we were able to discover that while 84.2% of Neurodivergent responders said they struggled with sensory experiences, a whopping 68.4% of Neurotypical responders also said they struggled with sensorial experiences. Oasen is a skincare brand designed to cater to those with sensory differences, offering sensory-safe products and an accommodating in-store experience that creates an environment to foster confidence and skin health.

Storefront (mock up) by Emily Willis

Celebrating a variety of skin types, no airbrushing is used on any Oasen models.

Bus stop advert (mock up) by Emily Willis

Men and women equally represented throughout our advertisements.

Contextual image: Oasen’s “Positive Affirmation” stickers
Close-up: Positive Affirmation stickers by Emily Willis

Mx. Rebel – Personal Brief

“How can we create a skincare brand that encourages those of all gender identities to engage with skin health?”

The main aim of this project was to look at the skincare industry and challenge the status quo of gender division in skincare. I was also interested in accommodating to men and various gender identities of the LGBTQ+ community. Although “gender neutral” brands have become more common, most stray away from utilising vivid and bold visual identities in order to appeal to a larger and more varied audience. Mx. Rebel attempts to engage consumers with bold visuals and engaging packaging for a unique and gender inclusive experience.

Mx. Rebel Limited Edition Guitar Pedal Serum – Re-used guitar pedal formed into a bottle, combining the punk values of re-using through DIY
Mx. Rebel Guitar Pedal Facewash
Mx. Rebel Limited Edition Skincare Kit – Re-used guitar pedals transformed into tactile and engaging packaging

Philyra: Rhoa Noir – Pearlfisher Competition Brief

“How can we unlock rarity as a journey into the extraordinary?”

The inspiration for this project is a unique phenomenon called Obsidian. This volcanic glass is created in specific conditions where lava cools rapidly. Difficult to procure and mould, an Obsidian bottle makes for the perfect rare collectors item.

Philyra is a perfume brand that creates imaginative adaptations of myths and turns them into enticing fragrances. Philyra’s most recent release ‘Rhóa Noir’ takes direct inspiration from Sicily’s Mt. Etna, home to a variety of myths and legends. It is even said that Hades and Persephone’s legend took place there.

Inspired by the myth, I combined the essences of Persephone and Hades into a smokey and sweet, gender-neutral fragrance. The black pomegranate perfume bottle pays homage to the fruit of the legend, with six seeds to represent the six months that Persephone stays in the Underworld.

Advert (mock up) of Philyra’s Rhóa Noir – Obsidian glass perfume bottle was created in Blender
The unmistakable scent of Rhóa Noir
Advert for Rhóa Noir
Rhóa Noir – contextualised image
Photochromic perfume box (concept) – The sun changes the black finish to reveal a deep burgundy, representing the duality of Hades and Persephone, a metaphor for the arrival of spring.
Perfume bottle (advert) on volcanic background – Example of art direction used in marketing. Possibly on social media.
Rhóa Noir Brand letter – The story of Hades and Persephone printed on a branded media with Philyra’s brand tone.
Branded envelope with narcissus wax seal – A luxurious touchpoint that utilises the narcissus flower found in the original myth.
Philyra storefront (visualisation) – Luxurious and modern logo inspired by ancient greek typography.
Contextualised (advert) – Marketing found in a variety of locations, such as malls and stations.
Billboard (advertising) – Marketing also extended to have an online presence.