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Specialising in Printed Textiles, my interior project celebrates handcrafted pieces that invoke a sense of nostalgia and tranquility through countryside imagery.

Sun Reverie

The emergence of technology over the last 50 years has made a huge difference to how we interact with the world. The presence of nature, and arts and crafts has been proven to improve peoples mental health and make a difference to the development of skills in childhood. Furthermore, engaging in arts and crafts can offer relief from symptoms associated with anxiety disorders, depression, and insomnia.

My project aims to provoke a sense of nostalgia from joyful memories of my own that others can relate to, from my experience growing up in Loughborough. This is a collection comprised of handmade pieces intentionally embracing imperfections, akin to a child’s painting.

Memories such as; family walks to The Outwoods on a Sunday morning or playing in the farmers fields after school during the summer with friends. Reliving the memories of when the summers sun was low and beaming on our faces, portraying these feelings through colour and imagery.

 Coming from a family who was not able to indulge in technology and electronic games, I learnt to appreciate the countryside, and pass time with painting and crafts.

People spending more time fixated to a screen are naturally spending less time outside or engaged in physical activities and has significantly and negatively impacted young peoples wellbeing. Increased screen time and exposure to media is consistently linked to decreased feelings of social acceptance and self-worth and increased loneliness and aggression.

Previous Project Work: Altea

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Design Assistant at Branded Clothing International

Design Assistant at Design Arc UK Ltd

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Freelance Design Assistant at Design Arc UkK Ltd