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As a graphic designer with a passion for branding, I specialize in creating visually compelling and innovative designs. My work focuses on crafting unique brand identities. See my attached Behance profile for more branding projects.

Cider Collective – Packaging Project

The Cider Collective project introduces a unique packaging concept for cider, featuring a selection of innovative and new flavours sourced from independent cider makers. Aimed at mainstream markets, the packaging promotes these small producers to a wider audience and offers regular cider consumers a novel tasting experience, allowing them to explore and enjoy diverse and exciting flavours.

Wingle UI and Brading Project

This project app is designed to transform the airport waiting experience. By connecting travellers through a shared digital platform linked to physical screens in lounges, Wingle turns solitary wait times into opportunities for meaningful interactions and friendships.

JustPee Sexual Health Campaign

The JustPee campaign, commissioned by the NHS, addresses the decline in sexual health screenings in the UK with a creative and interactive approach. By installing colour-changing urinal tablets in pub restrooms, the campaign visually demonstrates the ease of STI testing. Accompanied by informative posters, JustPee educates patrons on the testing process and provides clear guidance on where and how to get tested, making sexual health awareness both engaging and accessible.

Saros Photography Project

aros is a unique camera project designed to promote mindful photography by restricting photo viewing until three months after they are taken. This approach encourages users to live in the moment and move away from the trend of instant ‘photo-dumps’ and immediate gratification. Funded by Lomography, known for their quirky and distinctive cameras, Saros targets affluent consumers with disposable income to appreciate delayed photographic experiences.