Final Project

Avalanches kill more than 150 people worldwide each year. If you are caught in an avalanche you have a 37% chance of survival.

Avalanche airbags increase users survival rate massively, to 96%, but only 51% of people who ski/ snowboard in avalanche risk areas use these bags.

ALPAR is lightweight, comfortable, form fitting and affordable. With adjustable straps & flexible Nylon ALPAR will save lives and fit everyone.

By pulling the handle, the airbags are deployed. These increase the users surface area. This keeps users on the top of the snow, reduces chance of burial, and increases chance of survival.


An app aimed at young, at home remote workers, who struggle with loneliness. It is fun, engaging & motivating, aiming to get users outside.

It encourages users to meet friends at coffee shops, in museums or on walks. Suggesting different locations based on their preferences.

It’s aim is to create a community within the local community getting people outside & using less domestic energy.

Other Work

Outside of university I have a large passion for embroidery and sewing. This is something I am really interested in, and would love to develop my skills further.

A top and linen trousers made for myself.
A denim jumpsuit with wings commissioned by a country singer.
Flared jeans with painted daisies & embroidered daisies on the back.
Commissioned painted shorts

Work Experience

Placement Year at Prestige Park Homes – developing technical drawings & new park home designs. As well as working on colour schemes & interior layouts of the new home, The Tempest.

Audi Volkswagen – assisted the marketing team in hosting & planning large scale regional events.

Postbox Party – assisted with product design, marketing & product photography in a busy internet based party company. Responsible for the 2018 advent calendars.


Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining Star Pack Bronze Design Award.