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I am a creative, focused and dedicated Product Designer. I did my Industry Placement with Shark Ninja and am constantly looking to challenge myself, deliver the highest possible standard, develop my experiences and contribute valuably to any team or project.

Accessible Design, Shower Aid

RENA – easy independent washing

What is RENA?

Cost of care is soaring, and availably of carers is increasingly challenging.  Research shows that people with upper mobility and dexterity impairments lose their independence and become reliant on carers to assist them with basic everyday tasks.

To prolong independence in the home, a product has been designed to be used in a domestic bathroom setting with minimal installation.  It will assist with personal, daily washing of the body and hair. With detachable attachments for specialised body and hair washing, extendable reach and alternative grips it has been designed so that the user can operate it independently and it is capable of being adapted to their own impairment. The user can operate the device independently reducing the need for a carer to support with the most personal of tasks, restoring dignity and independence.

Why this project?

I chose to do this project, initially, because my Grandma has been recently diagnosed with MND and I wanted to understand how that prognosis would impact her. It has caused her to have a great reduction in mobility that will continue to decrease, a major problem she has faced is retaining dignity and independence throughout her daily life. A particularly sensitive subject is bathing, washing with the help of carers works but it can be hard work for both parties and extremely emotionally taxing. Throughout my research I found that many other people with reduced mobility or those that require aided bathing also struggled with the same aspects. RENA aims to prolong independence for people who are losing mobility and encourage younger people who also suffer with disabilities.