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Textiles final-year student specialising in woven design. Passionate about pushing boundaries in fashion, I blend traditional weaving alongside multimedia processes to create standout fabrics and outcomes. Eager to innovate the industry and expand my knowledge of design and marketing.

Final Project

Ethereal Retreat

Inspired by my sister, my project draws deeply from her spiritual beliefs. Her approach to spirituality has significantly strengthened my mental health, fostering a greater appreciation for both the positive and challenging aspects of life. My work delves into the dynamic between my sister and myself, blending my fashion influences with her spiritual mindset to create a retreat collection that supports mental health through both scientific and spiritual practices, such as acupuncture, meditation and grounding.

This collection, influenced by high-end fashion and sustainability, takes inspiration from traditional kimonos, head coverings and draped designs. It incorporates spiritual elements like chakras, crystals and auras to guide the choice of colours, compositions, and shapes. Additionally sustainable principles are integrated not only in the choice of materials and processes but also in the styling, aiming to reduce consumer consumption. Throughout this project I strive to offer a holistic approach to wellness and fashion, reflecting a harmonious balance between elegance, sustainability and mental well-being.

My Sister


Inspired by hibiscus flower, auras, crystals under a microscope.

Hibiscus flower

My Sisters spirit flower.

Spirit flowers, often regarded as ethereal and mystical blooms, are believed to embody the essence of spiritual energy and transformation. Their delicate petals and vibrant colours serve as a reminder of the intricate and fragile nature of life, inspiring awe and reverence in those who encounter them.

Aura Garment

The idea behind this piece was to experiment with materials to design a garment that radiates a physical aura. During a morning grounding session, as the sun rises and it’s rays shine down, a colourful aura is projected onto the body and surroundings. This transformative experience envelopes the wearer in a spectrum of hues, casting a mesmerising display of light and colour. The garments unique ability to harness natural light creates a euphoric, vibrant atmosphere, setting a positive and bright tone for the day. By merging art with fashion, this piece not only enhances the wearer’s physical presence but also elevates their emotional and psychological state, promoting a sense of wellbeing and optimism throughout any point of the day.

Woven Designs

My project involves creating hand-painted warps inspired by the ethereal beauty of auras, the fluidity of gradient colours, and the captivating allure of crystals. By drawing inspiration from the natural hues of crystals, and physically incorporating them into my design, I utilise plain weave and twill techniques to produce intricate textural effects that engage the visual and tactile senses. The result is a collection of fabrics that explore the interplay between colour transitions, crystalline elements, and surface texture, offering a multi-sensory experience.

Silk Headscarf

Headscarves have been worn throughout history for spiritual, religious, and physical health reasons. A properly fitted head covering is believed to stabilize the cranial bones, positively impacting the neurological system and electromagnetic fields. This can lead to benefits such as a sense of calm, better sleep, increased happiness, improved focus, and reduced anxiety. Additionally, covering the head helps to focus energy on the third eye, located at the center of the forehead, and provides protection by blocking incoming negativity. Inspired by the properties of crystals, my design enhances this protective energy, offering both aesthetic beauty and spiritual benefits.

Semester 1

Harmony in Motion

A fashion symphony inspired by Vivaldi’s four seasons

From emotional resonance to physical response, classical music profoundly impacts many people in diverse ways. My admiration for this genre began with fond memories of my father driving me to primary school as a child with classical music playing in the car. The anticipation brought by an adagio and the relief and wonder evoked by an accelerando have always fascinated me. I recently had the privilege of watching a live performance of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons at the Sydney Opera House. This formidable experience inspired me to focus specifically on his concertos: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Using cymatics, I have explored the translation of soundwaves through the frequencies of classical music and the body’s frequencies to create a couture fashion collection.