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Driven by a love for stop motion animation, I always strive to connect with audiences by combining compelling narratives, innovative thinking and traditional techniques to bring stories to life.

“..What is this feeling?” – A stop motion short

The Characters

The animated short centres around three core characters: The Painter, The Sculptor and The Poet. Although these characters never interact directly or share the same scene, their stories are intertwined through a common theme – the transformative power of art. Each artist, isolated in their own world, utilises their craft as a means of emotional expression and escapism. The Painter finds solace in vibrant colours and bold strokes, the Sculptor channels inner turmoil into shaping tangible forms, and the Poet (who also doubles as the narrator) weaves words into a tapestry of optimism and hope. Despite their physical separation, they are united by their unwavering commitment to rise above adversity through their artistic endeavours, showcasing the profound connection between creativity and the human desire to carry on.

Creating the animation

This was by far my most challenging project to date, not only was I writing my own poem against the clock, I was also sculpting, painting, rigging and photographing. But before puppets could be made, poems could be written or photos could be taken, it was essential to ensure that the core idea were strong – from fast-paced character sketches to rough storyboards, every piece of visual planning helped to strengthen the animation and ensure that the creation process ran smoothly.

Crisis at Christmas” Homelessness awareness campaign

This animated (mock-up) advert for UK homelessness charity, Crisis – aimed to shine a light on the hardships faced by the homeless during the winter months. Christmas is for many, a time of togetherness, a time for giving. But for some, the conditions that come during this period can often be fatal. This animation was created with the intent to highlight how the things that many of us take for granted, are the very same things that could save those on the streets – from life-threatening circumstances.


Adobe Digital Edge – Shortlist 2023