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Hi I'm Jay, an energetic Product Designer that aims to solve niche problem areas with innovative solutions. I have an interest in medical, sports and personal home products.

Final Year Project:

Tranquil : Gamifying Hand Rehabilitation


Bold yet Familiar

Patient engagement in rehabilitation is a significant challenge that hand therapists, in particular, are familiar with. Some patients either fail to adhere to their recovery regimen or end up lying about their commitment to a regime as it is currently difficult to verify this information. Consequently, this means that recovery cycles may end up taking longer than expected.

‘tranquil’ addresses these problems by creating an enjoyable and traceable rehabilitation experience.

Sleek and Simple

The tranquil collection is aimed at individuals that are recovering from Carpal Tunnel release surgery. It contains the controller, a patient app and a professional window. The controller uses a 16×8 LED matrix which allows users to play a variety of games while also adding a nostalgic feel to the system, reminiscent of retro hand-held game systems. The reactive pull switches located at the rear end of the controller enable the user to actuate their finger, in a similar manner to common hand therapy exercises, which stimulates the median nerve and strengthens weakened tendons.

Made to Fit

‘tranquil’ recognises that not everyone has the same size hands. Extensive user-testing revealed that product adjustability was an important insight that needed to be incorporated into the product. Therefore, tranquil has adjustable grip which makes achieving a comfortable fit easier than ever.

Progress Gamified

‘tranquil’ taps into the innate human desire to win and uses it to help users stay committed to their rehabilitation. It does this by creating a feedback loop that encourages patients to return and outperform their previous efforts, while also adding some enjoyment to an otherwise stressful situation.

6 Vibrant Colours

Compact and portable, the ‘tranquil’ controller can be taken on the move. With a simplistic yet versatile layout the tranquil controller provides a sophisticated yet playful approach to hand rehabilitation. The controller can be used in either hand with the controls reactively re-orientating using the on-board magnetometer.

Design Week

Fos Nerou: Antartic Lighting

Fit for Purpose

Dual purpose and meant for research centres in the Antarctic, Fos Nerou is self sufficient using a wind-turbine to produce the required energy in the desolate tundra without reliance on solar.

A detachable top allows the lighting solution to be portable and taken into the depths of the surronfing oceans.

Made to Last

Made of shell casted aluminium alloy, utilising a corosion resistant coating. Durable in the face of sub-zero temperatures. Hydrophobic turbine blades to reduce icing and condensation build up all rated to IP 5

With a high CRI ,emulating sunlight, researchers feel relaxed and marine wildlife are unaffected.