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Hi, I'm Issey! A multi-disciplinary designer with specialism in branding and motion graphics striving to create impactful design that is accessible to all.

Oi | D&AD 21Grams

Brief: To solve myopia using the devices that cause it

1 in 3 people have myopia in the UK! Research shows that excessive phone use is one of the main causes

The solution: Oi, is a social gaming app that encourages a break from screen time by implementing voice interactions instead of touch. Designed to build healthy habits whilst connecting with friends.

Rewards: Outdoor brands and activity often encourages our users to get outside which is another method of myopia control.

Frizzon | Pearlfisher

A multisensory drinks brand blending taste and music to elicit a powerful frisson experience.

Frisson is that tingling sensation running down your spine when you listen to beautiful music caused by a release of dopamine.

As a brand, Frizzon wants to spread this natural high and elevate mundane moments, like travelling. Making this rare but pleasant feeling more accessible, therefore making your everyday more enjoyable.

It’s more than a drink, it’s a feeling.

Each can be paired with a song from a Spotify playlist curated by neuroscientists designed to give you that frisson feeling.
Frizzon Spotify features: Record your frisson, Top frisson chart, Recommended songs, live events and more.
Sponsoring first class airlines to make your journey more enjoyable: With high quality headphones, complementary Frizzon refreshments and air freshener.
A taste of the Frizzon flavours

Penny | Passion Project

A campaign that simplifies financial jargon and gives young women access to the money basics they wish they learnt in school.

‘Money struggles are the main reason why people don’t leave an abuser, and the main reason they return’ (Financial Times Live 2023)

In such a money-orientated world, why are we not educated on how to manage it?

The Penny Project highlights the significant effects of the economic gender gap and aims to help close that gap by providing essential financial knowledge in a simple and engaging form – an interactive website.

The Penny website – designed for women aged 15-19.
Complete your money basics education to receive a certificates
Penny’s playlist: songs about money and empowerment by iconic women.
Ellie’s journey with Penny.

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