Two hands holding a square device in front of an abstract artwork in a gallery

Back of casing
Exploded render


“Just as pure abstract art is not dogmatic, neither is it decorative” – Mondriaan

A portable audio-tactile device that uses machine learning to translate abstract art to non-visual mediums. Similar to how an audio guide provides context for art across the gallery visit, Milena will create different experiences for every painting the user approaches.

Milena creates a custom sound/touchscape for each artwork within an art gallery – using a classification model to assign haptic and audio outputs that users can interact with by exploring the 16 quadrants on the device.

The appearance

I wanted my product to reflect the institution she was intended for – something novel, beautiful, and makes us question how we define aesthetics.

Designing the form took many stages across different mediums.

Origami form ideation

The functionality

Final functional prototype
Exploded view drawing
Iterations of node prototyping

The final prototype is an array of 16 capacitive touch sensors that trigger various haptic patterns and abstract sounds when touched. The classification model is trained to recognise the predominant shape within a quadrant, as well as the modal colour value, in order to assign a motor pattern and sounds with varying effects applied.

Other Work:

Stitch – A motion-tracking crochet hook to aid in pattern drafting
Phyllis – a voice activated coffee machine trained to detect commands.

Multimedia art:

CONTRAST – A tech-art exhibit as part of my TU Delft study exchange.
Crochet experiments using reclaimed yarn
Frillard Bonnet – 2023

My art practice is interdisciplinary, with my primary mediums incorporating fibre art and technology. I explore how machine learning and electronics can be used in novel ways to create interactive art.