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I enjoy designing and creating meaningful, improved experiences for people. With a focus on sustainability, helping drive change and make the world a better place.

Final year project

HexAir – Air pollution monitoring educational device

HexAir is a low cost, fully recyclable device that uses an air pollution sensor to monitor and track the levels of particulate matter in the air. This data collected by children walking to and from school helps crowd source key information required to help inform new policies targeted to the areas with the worst air quality. By providing this to children it teaches the upcoming generation to be have a more sustainable outlook on life and positively change their behaviours. By increasing their awareness this creates a social impact amongst the community to drive change.

Learning through Gamification & Crowdsourcing data

A report button empower the child to take action by reporting areas with particularly poor Air quality also helping them feel like they feel they’re making a difference.

Website dashboard where crowdsource data is collected and can be accessed by teachers and the government.

Other works