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A Multi-disciplinary Designer creating both physical and digital product experiences, with a passion for conceptualising and visualisation — Industrial Design, Visualisation, UX, Web, Brand & Graphic Design.

Format — Desktop Film Developing System


Format — a desktop developing system for the modern professional film photographer. With the ability to process 35mm and 120 film quickly, intelligently and reliably, Format takes “Lab-level” developing techniques and makes it fit for the home.

Using a ‘Dip and Dunk’ approach, Format allows for daylight loading of film into the top of the system where it is then taken through pre-setup tanks to develop and dry before exiting back out the top of the system. Format intelligently monitors chemistry concentration, water levels, solution temperatures and more to ensure the perfect negative each time.


Research, Ideation and Development — through conducting multiple interviews, testing prototypes and various methods of ideation, I was able to quickly generate concept directions which were then influenced and moulded around the technology inside the system; known in the industry as the ‘dip and dunk’ method (pioneered by the Noritsu system but only properly adopted by large developing labs) – utilising advanced CAD techniques for fast and reliable parametric workflows.

User Interaction

Understanding the user was a key part of this project, and from that the idea of preserving traditional SLR camera interactions was key whilst also having the security and reliability of modern digital technology. All of the conversations with my target user lead towards the concept direction of retro 32-bit displays paired with a comprehensive smart app which can control, monitor and update the user on system status and progress.

Packaging and Branding

Brand Identity — Inspired by darkrooms through pops of warm, vibrant red as well as the DNA of modern, minimalist technology, both the brand identity and the packaging reflect the ethos of the product. Premium yet nostalgic.

Film canister and ‘F’ inspired logomark
Optimised packaging construction

Other Projects

Here’s a collection of other projects I’ve completed over my time at Loughborough University, check out more of my work on my socials and website – @harryrigler.design or harryrigler.co.uk

Pure — Design Week

What if there was a way to conveniently tackle two problems at once, with just one product?… Introducing, Pure. A 4-in-1 Air Purifier, Enhancer and Dehumidifier concept designed to tuck away in your wardrobe space, doubling as a wash basket – keeping your clothes smelling fresh and free of mould.

This project went on to win 1st place prize for the FSW Brief.

8×8 — Personal Project

A soft-touch, multifunctional games pad designed with the user in mind. From the universal grid layout paired with tactile materials to the smart CPU settings allowing for engaging Player vs Computer gaming. Featuring 64 RGB LED matrices and an 8-hour battery life, the possibilities are endless.

Roots Spaces — IDS3 Module

A project completed in response to the RSA Brief set by Kew Gardens… roots.spaces is a modular urban green space formed of cell like structures that amplify culture through freshly grown cultural produce, hold sustainability at their heart and empower local businesses with a space designed to strengthen community. It provides a critical role in connecting local wildlife, acting as a nature pathway, and it effortlessly blends a digital platform for procurement and creation of the space with a physical and sustainable design that encourages customisability and community expression.

Group Project with Omar Alqasem-Alvarez, Jonah Pollard, Jacob Barbour and Saam Fakhim