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I enjoy working on playful, impactful designs that re-imagine the way in which we do things, particularly if it promotes a change for the better.

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Final projects


Beyond is an empowering, supportive organisation challenging the way we think about death. Interactive lessons for children aged 7-10, accompanied by activity books, lesson plans and animations, provide children with a more rational, deeper understanding of death to take with them through life. This hand-drawn animation pitches the Beyond programme to Headteachers and local councils to gain their support.

Concertina activity book

To help children process and navigate their way through the Beyond programme, each will receive their own workbook. This contains activities for the classroom as well as the home, igniting these crucial conversations across the generations.

Beyond workbook back cover

Airbnb Action

In response to the D&AD New Blood 2024 brief, Airbnb Action tackles the growing Gen Z loneliness epidemic by offering the possibility to take part in volunteering anytime, anywhere. By focussing on sparking meaningful connections through acts of kindness, proven to reduce feelings of loneliness, the message is simple – do good to feel good. This was a joint project with Irene Menghi.

Key features

Rough Patch

A study by BMC Public Health found “significantly lower levels of mental distress amongst those who participated in arts activities more than once a week”. Rough Patch is an empathetic yet joyful brand that uses Gen Z’s mental health as the primary motivator for sustainable action, more specifically, repairing and up-cycling clothing.


Diploma of Professional Studies


July 2022 – 2023

Visual Design Consultant at IBM iX