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Specialising in branding with a particular interest in creating symbols inspired by history and nature for sustainable futures.

Flexagon: Fossil Fuel Free Future Forever

“A symbol capable of fast, fair and forever transitions”

A flexible symbol that looks forward not back and resonates with a global audience. Able to manifest itself across a diverse cultural and social landscape, Flexagon has the power to generate awareness for the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty. Launching at this year’s COP29, follow and join Flexagon’s journey as it ‘flexes’ across the planet and creates change, fast and fairly.

“Its flexibility promotes renewable resources”
“Each triangle represents a continent, all equal sizes as they unite with shared responsibility and international co-operation”
“Showcasing how its journey unfolds, the big and bold visuals emphasise the scale of this idea”
“Flexagon will take over the social media of organisations who share an environmental motive”
“To ensure no worker, community or country is left behind, a partnership with Instagram will include a filter, a new post transition and interactive Flexicons”

Cipher’s Cider

“Baffling scholars and enthusiasts with its mysterious script and peculiar illustrations, the Voynich Manuscript is a 15th century codex which no one has ever been able to decipher”

A new herbal-infused cider brand inspired by the Voynich Manuscript. Drawing upon the manuscript’s aura of intrigue and centuries-old botanical illustrations, Cipher’s Cider promises to deliver a unique sensory experience steeped in history and curiosity. Each sip unveils a blend of carefully selected herbs, echoing the mysterious plants depicted in the manuscript’s pages.

Speculation and intrigue have surrounded the manuscript for centuries with theories ranging from a lost language to an elaborate hoax. A popularised hypothesis proposes it holds encrypted knowledge of alchemy and herbal medicines. The allure of its tantalising puzzle captures the imagination of those drawn to the enigma of the past.

“A silent symphony of enigmatic flavours waiting to be deciphered by those brave enough to venture into its mysterious depths.”

The “Cap Codex” campaign invites consumers to look under each cap of their Cipher’s Cider bottles where a hidden Voynich letter lies, waiting to be decoded. Each letter matches up with a flavour, leading consumers on a journey of herbal tastiness. Once all flavours have been sipped and all caps have been collected, they can be traded in. Each bottle is a gateway to a potential reward with unique prizes such as the new Cipher sticker sets.



Global warming is leading to an increase in jellyfish blooms across the globe which unbalances eco-systems and reduces biodiversity. Following these bloom events, the decay of jellyfish biomass can cause sudden shifts in the ocean’s microbiome structure. Fishermen often find these unwanted creatures in their by-catch and discard them, leaving more to decay in our waters. 


Jellyfish have a high nutritional value as it is 50% protein and contains calcium, iodine, phosphorus, iron and vitamins. They are rich in collagen and have significant medicinal potential to rebuild muscle, cartilage and bone whilst also having beneficial effects on endurance capacity. Recent studies have asserted that jellyfish are untapped potential as a resource with enough jellyfish biomass available for consumer demands.  


A health and well-being brand which uses jellyfish collagen, extracted from the discarded aftermath of blooms. Targeted specifically at gym-goers and those engaged with their fitness, ‘Kurage’ is a high-end, eco-friendly range of products which provides people with strength, recovery and health. The collagen can be taken as a oro-dispersable tablet, jelly capsule or as a powder added to water/shake.    

“Inspired by one of the two Japanese glyphs for ‘sea-moon’ (kurage) as well as the anatomy of a jellyfish, the brand symbol is a flexible brand asset. Created using the Golden Ratio circles, the symbol has the form of perfectly flowing jellyfish tentacles.”

Navigating Time and Space

Navigating Time and Space: Leveraging Nostalgia for Dynamic Place Brand Experiences

A dissertation which aims to integrate nostalgia marketing strategies into the place branding process to elicit consumer responses capable of elevating the meaning they possess for a location.

Specifically examining the transformative conceptualisation of nostalgia in the social science literature of the late 20th century as well as the expanding theorisation of place branding in the 21st century, considering the potential of their amalgamation. 

‘A conceptual framework’

A framework which identifies how loss can be felt for all spatial divisions, leaving place, and its perceived significance, damaged. To address this issue, it adopts the strategies that nostalgia marketing uses to present and elicit the movement of people and objects through space and time, applying them to philosophical ideas of movement through place to selectively retrieve from the past and inspire the future.