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I am a vibrant textile designer specializing in commercial print design. I have a big interest in the use of colour and photography within printed fashion, creating bright and beautiful collections amalgamating photography with hand rendered processes.

Faded Memories

Inspired by my grandma’s life and struggles with memory after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, this commercial collection of prints designed for fashion wish to celebrate the beauty in memory. Heavily inspired by her love and passion for nature, specifically her garden, this collection mainly features vibrant florals. Designing this collection, I was passionate about combining photography and hand rendered processes for my prints, bringing both digital and hand processes together


This statement print is inspired by my grandma’s garden, a place in which she spent a lot of time and loved dearly. The vibrant colours are taken from images of her garden in the summer, when the flowers were in bloom. This print is digitally printed, however the original artwork was hand painted to create a very painterly look. This particular piece represents my grandma’s memory before it started to decay, shown through the fully formed floral print.

Digitally printed onto 100% silk georgette

Screen printed devore on silk satin viscose fabric.

Hand painted screen screen print on 100% silk sarania.

The Journey

Using a mix of photography, mark making and painting, I developed primary visual imagery in which my prints are based off of.

Digital Prints

Designed using a combination of photography, mark making using spray paint and flowers and digital editing on photoshop. Printed onto 100% silk georgette, crepe de chine and 100% silk twill.

Collection Building

Featuring digital printed fabrics, hand painted fabrics, screen printed fabrics, hand dyed fabrics and devore fabrics. All made from silk.

Previous Work

A collection drawing upon my personal experience and growth through travelling. The collection was inspired by the Mediterranean, designed for spring summer, featuring vibrant colours, lightweight silk fabrics, and digital prints.

Work Experience

Fairbairn and Wolf studio – Print design (January 2023- March 2023)

Fairbairn and Wolf studio – Social media marketing (April 2023- June 2023)