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A textile designer specialising in print for both interiors and fashion. I have a love for drawing and painting, translating these into designs for screen printing, digital printing and hand painted pieces.

Final Project

In Every Direction

 A luxury, maximalist surface pattern collection for interiors. The project is based on my parent’s story together, showcasing the various places they have lived: Yorkshire, Kew, and Oman. The collection is inspired visually by the different landscapes, architecture, and eclectic keepsakes they have accumulated from each place.

Throughout the semester, I have kept an ongoing sketchbook for each of the three locations of my parents journey. These have allowed me to explore many different drawing styles and techniques, to ensure the maximalist final result, whilst developing a mini collection of prints based on each location.

 After pursuing a placement opportunity at de Gournay, I wanted to include hand painted wallpaper into my final collection. This piece, ‘Kew Botanicals’ is based off the Marianne North gallery at Kew Gardens. Each section was drawn, tea stained and then painted in watercolour and gouache to showcase the detailed beauty of the plants.

 As well as the landscapes inspiring my drawings, my parents also collected ceramics which inspired other aspects of the collection. I am so drawn to the painting styles, colours and the compositions which can be found on ceramics and I find they have perfect motifs for wallpaper designs.

Previous Work: A Scandi Summer

Work Experience

Hermione de Paula: Bridal hand painting internship.

BCInternational: Licensed graphic clothing design.

Le Studio Copenhagen: Commercial print design studio.

Josephine Munsey Wallpaper: High end wallpaper studio.

De Gournay: Luxury hand painted wallcoverings.