The Forest Next Door

My project focuses on the elements and colours found within the forest that neighbours my childhood country house in France. This collection puts the focus on reoccurring weeds, that despite being considered as such, I consider a beautiful and elemental part of this forest, as well as the different trees that populate this forest.

Initial Imagery

Sharing a border with a forest creates the opportunity for many forest plants to take root within the garden. Due to their random placement, we are unable to let most of them grow as they would in the forest. This is done in an attempt to keep order within the garden. These man-made decisions are the bridge between the wild mindset of nature, and the straight lines made by man. This collection aims to merge the notions of order and lines with unruliness wilderness.

Design Development

When creating this collection, I tried to use lines both as straight, even lines, and wild ones. Within the collection, many designs appear straight and orderly, as a nod to the man-made lines that we create; such as forest roads. Similarly, the single-line drawings that I have also used throughout have the aspect of unruliness to them as a nod to the wild spirit of nature.

I greatly enjoy painting in watercolour and wanted to incorporate this medium in this collection.

The use of watercolour specifically, is reminiscent of the ponds and lakes that populate the neighbouring forest.

Zoom of digital Single-Line drawing originally made by hand before being scanned and arranged with the others in order to create a seamless repeat design.

This image shows me using the sewing machine to create a single-line design overlapping the print.

This was done as a way to merge mediums, therefore mixing the lines of the branches with the wilderness of the single-line stitching.

The Collection

Mirror Tree Print

Handmade painting made into two layer print.

The Window Design

Digital design, made from watercolour paintings.

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The Flower Design

Single-line drawing of wildflowers, digitised and made into a repeat design.

The Flower Line Wallpaper Design

Single-line drawing, digitised and printed onto wallpaper.

The Tree Line Wallpaper Design

Scan of watercolour painting made into a repeat, printed onto wallpaper.

The Tree Trunks Wallpaper Print

Single-line repeat print printed in pigment paste on coloured wallpaper.

Willow tree branches Print and Embroidery

Two layer pigment paste print, with overlapping free-hand embroidery.

Tree Trunk Print on fabric

Pigment print repeat onto mixed fabric.

Birch Tree Print

Two layer repeat print

Previous project

Scottish Highland Collection for Hotel

Tartan Print

The design and this tartan is inspired from the different field lines found in rural Scotland.

Print onto Wool.

Tartan Print

Colour-way 2

Print onto Wool

Hill Print

This design depicts the different shapes and colours that form the different hills found in the Scottish highlands.

Print onto Wool.

Heather Repeat

Watercolour paintings of heather, scanned and made into a repeat pattern.

Digital print onto Natural fabric.

Tartan Print

Colour-way 3.

Print on Wool.

Sheep Print

Single-line drawings of surrounding sheep, made into a print.

Print on Wool.

Work Experience

Kelling Designs – Assistant – 2022

Interior design and home staging company

3 months placement

Amanda Kelly – Assistant – 2023

Print designer

6 months placement                                                                                       

Arlettie – Retail – 2020-2023