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Fashion orientated Textile Designer specialising in Integrated Digital Practice. I enjoy experimenting with innovative materials and exploring the possibilities of new technology within Textiles.

Final Project

‘Green Beat’


Inspired by the natural world around us, Green Beat aims to create a sustainable alternative to fast fashion rave and festival wear. Through taking a closer look at the natural beauty of our planet, it is possible to mirror the reflective, sequined, synthetic world of festivals and raves onto an innovative, more sustainable option.

Bioplastic Sequin Design

‘Green Beat’

Green Beat explores the possibilities of biomaterials in fashion, a concept I strongly believe has great potential for the future of Textiles. Through working with bioplastics in particular, the outcome of this collection is just a stepping stone to reducing the huge environmental impact fast fashion has on the world, especially in the festival and rave wear sector.

Bioplastics Journey

Virtual Reality Visualisations

Most garments worn to a festival or rave are discarded after one use, ending up in a landfill or sat in the back of a drawer never to be worn again. In order to avoid as much wastage as possible in this collection, the Virtual Reality headset and controllers allow for you to experience the designs first hand in a festival setting – all whilst you stand in one spot! The ever-developing technology of Virtual Reality is an exciting and relatively new field that has so much potential within the world of fashion, it is my ambition that this project is just the beginning of something revolutionary.