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A multimedia artist drawn to creating emotionally driven artworks, exploring nostalgia and the female experience with a vintage and wistful aesthetic.

Girls Night

An art installation for the 2024 degree show.

A Journey from Girlhood to Womanhood

“Girls Night” is an evocative installation project exploring the complex metamorphosis from girlhood to womanhood. Central to the exhibition are collaged dolls, meticulously assembled from vintage magazine clippings, juxtaposing youthful innocence with mature features in a surreal exploration of evolving identity. Ceramic plates, inscribed with intergenerational wisdom from older women to their younger selves, serve as tactile narratives bridging past and present.

A beaded and felted curtain, rich in texture, acts as a kinetic installation symbolising the thresholds and veils encountered on this transformative journey. The project also includes a stop-motion film, an animated tapestry capturing the dynamic and often tumultuous progression of female identity, using personal photography from the female members of my own family. Additional ceramic works further articulate these themes, offering a sculptural dialogue on growth and self-discovery through poignant ‘conversation starters’ stamped into ceramic tiles. Throughout the project, the pearl emerges as a potent symbol, embodying the connection between young and old, vintage and modern.

“Girls Night” is a multifaceted celebration of the friction and fluidity that define the ascent from girlhood to womanhood, rendered through a blend of mixed media and storytelling.

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