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Concept-based graphic designer, passionate about motion graphics, branding and illustration.

The 50/50 Surf Movement

Recently, there has been an increase in fights and conflict in surfing.

50/50 is a movement to bring positivity and good vibes back to the surf community, because the ocean should unite, not separate surfers.

Reniala – Pearlfisher Competition

Madagascar’s giant baobab tree has become endangered due to fires, global warming and fungus.

Raising awareness to a global audience and replanting baobabs in the country – Reniala sells high-quality, durable and environmentally-responsible hiking jackets – planting a giant baobab in Madagascar for every product sold.

Inspired by the baobab’s extraordinary features, Reniala jackets are extremely resistant to weather conditions and can collect and store rainwater for the hiker’s consumption.

Look Out! – D&AD Competition

Singapore has one of the highest rates of myopia in the world. Young people are developing near-sightedness at an alarming rate. ‘Look Out!’ is a mobile game for Singaporean children and teenagers, encouraging them to put their devices down and look through their windows, exposing their eyes to sunlight – thus reducing the chances of developing near-sightedness.