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My photography explores landscape as an extension of the body. With a focus on the lithic sites of Britain, a re-enchantment with place is sought after through my own performative landscape interactions.

landscape /’lan(d)skeɪp/ verb

Inspired by W.J.T Mitchell’s (2002) suggestion that landscape is better viewed as a verb, this body of work explores landscape not from a distance but as an action – past, present, and future. The photographs here intend to go beyond idealised signposts of the past, to use and view landscape as a cultural practice.

The standing stones of Avebury and Arbor Low encapsulate a form of ancient landscaping which have made them places I keep going back to.

Some of the works capture a Morris dance performance within the Arbor Low stone circle. This folk-fuelled action became a tool to form a connection between the past and future state of place.


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Mitchell, W.J.T. (ed.) (2002) Landscape and power. 2nd edn. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press.