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I am an Industrial designer and performance swimmer at Loughborough University. I have raced at the 2021 and 2024 Olympic trails and trained with Paralympians. Combining my knowledge with design I have created an aid for visually impaired swimmers.



Using a home detection system I have modified the code to detect a swimmers location in a swimming pool

The battery also contains the software that can detect swimmers and can easily be removed from POSEIDON.

It can then be placed on its charging pad to charge or connect to a laptop for updates.

POSEIDON can be easily clamped to a standard swimming pool starting block by using built in cam levers to securely attach it.

Once attached POSEIDON will automatically run its self once a swimmer has been detected.

POSEIDON is the Greek god of the sea and represents the strength of the athlete. A signature object of Poseidon is a trident which relates to the tapping stick incorporated into my design. The blue dot of the eye represents the tapping stick used in my product without hindering the legibility of the name.