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My enthusiasm for user experience developed from an immersive summer internship, as part of the UX team for Goldman Sachs. When crafting design solutions, I apply a human-centric approach, utilising user testing, to optimise the user's experience.

D&AD Brief – Boost

An application designed to target behaviour change in users. Studies have shown young adults acquire an average daily screen time of nine hours. Through conducting further primary research, I was able to curate an accurate persona type. Boost guides users through habit stacking and gratifies users when they prioritise hobbies and activities outside of their device.

Short sensory games are offered to bridge the gap from ‘doom-scrolling’ and slowly transitioning to turning of the device. These games contribute to the growth of the user’s Brook.

These featured screens are examples of timers users can utilise as motivation to dedicate screen free time to hobbies.

Previous Work – Mini Minds

Mini Minds is an application designed to educate young children on the benefits of mindfulness. Though the app focuses on children of ages 6-9 years old, it aims to influence a generational change, educating parents/carers also. Studies have shown practising mindfulness promotes positive changes in the brain’s pathways. Mini Minds aims to make mindfulness accessible and fun.

An animation showcasing mindfulness exercises that Mini Minds offers.

Gratification feature motivates children to win new characters upon completing exercises and the ability to customise them.

Crafty Cafe – Craft your Community

A campaign effort to improve local communities, using craft to bring people together. Inspired by Loughborough’s local cafe, Bom Bom’s arts and crafts club. Participants of the launch event, hosted at Bom Boms, are directed to Crafty Cafe’s website, where they can find a map highlighting all cafes that participate in the initiative.