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Specialising in repurposing textiles through the art of printing, quilting and embroidery. Using what we have and focusing on making it multi-functional, durable, something to cherish. Striving to exhibit the stunning textile pieces that can be made, without making more.

Final Project


Kindness and stewardship of the earth have been overlooked. The fast-paced growth culture of our world leaves us with a lack of harmony with the natural world. It is crucial to create bonds with each other and the earth we live with to better cherish the gift of our environment, and protect the sanctity of what we have.

This work looks at the Alaskan landscape and encourages a viewer to take stock and look around at what we have, and celebrate it. Learning not to live on the earth but rather with it and treat it as an extension of ourselves. These ideas are emblematic of a question we must ask ourselves; how can we be good ancestors? Just as we have inherited so many riches from the past, we must also pass them on to our descendants.

A quilt embellished vat-dyed design.

On the left, acid dyed screen and hand printed up-cycled silk shirt.

On the right, a procion dyed waist coat with screen and hand printing.

A hand-painted, embroidered multifunctional quilt. With four pockets, and a back compartment that works as a large pocket the quilt folds into to create a cushion.

A patchwork of vat, acid, procion and pigment print designs.

A pigment print with machine embroidery design.

A three-layer procion print design.

Work Experience

During my placement year, I worked as a screen printer for sustainable fashion brands again and again, having work exhibited in Lone Design Club, WGSM and anthropology. 

Following this placement, I worked for the design and technical teams at fashion retailer, Boux Avenue. Aiding designs for their summer 2024 collections and assisting the technical team with garment construction alterations.