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A dynamic creative with a track record of efficiently delivering high-quality, innovative solutions across various design disciplines. A strong team player thriving in fast-paced environments, my passion for design, snowsports, and music enhances my creativity and adaptability, driving standout results.

Final Project

Toob – An at-home freestyle snowboard training product

Toob is a Freestyle Snowboarding home training product focussing on ‘jibbing’ designed to reduce costs compared to current alternatives while providing clear direction for progression.

What is Jibbing?
Jibbing is a freestyle snowboarding style, focused on performing tricks on obstacles like rails, boxes, and ledges, emphasizing creativity and technical skill.

How Toob works

Toob integrates two existing balance and freestyle snowboard training methods into an all-in-one, cost-effective product. Accompanied by an app for progression and direction, it offers a comprehensive home training platform, making regular practice more accessible compared to high-cost alternatives.

Balance boarding (displayed on the left) – Key for developing balance skills, coordination, and core strength. Used in both snowboarding & surf training.

Jib Training (displayed on the right) – Simulates ‘freestyle rail snowboarding ‘jibbing’ for off-snow practice, helping riders improve skills, balance, muscle memory, and techniques at home, making it ideal for continuous training and progression.

The User Experience

The user experience (UX) is pivotal in my solution for home freestyle snowboard training. This component offers users guidance throughout their training sessions. Extensive primary and secondary research indicates a significant gap in trick direction resources, leading to potential injuries and hindering skill development.

Key Features

The key features integrated into the app include frame-by-frame video analysis, a selection of instructors’ programs to match your preferences, customizable programs, a community for sharing progress with peers, a progress tracker offering weekly statistics to sustain motivation, and integration with ‘toob pro’ for monitoring weight positioning and rotation statistics.


Internal Storage & Easily transportable
Polypropylene webbing straps for Jibbing
Multi-thickness Polypropylene board for flexibility

Toob Pro

Toob Pro revolutionizes freestyle home training by enabling users to track their progress and enhance their skills. For users seeking a more affordable option, Toob offers a version without advanced technology, ensuring accessibility for all target users.

Toob Pro Technology

Toob Pro holds a Gyro 3-axis sensor to track rotation and 8 FSR pressure sensors tracking weight positioning through the stabilizers.

It offers frame-by-frame feedback on weight positioning during jibbing, comparing it to a professional’s positioning. This feature allows users to monitor their performance and make necessary adjustments effectively, boosting progression. Additionally, Toob Pro tracks rotational statistics through gyro 3-axis sensors for balance boarding.

Journey to the Show

The prototyping journey
The journey of the stabilizers & inserts
Mid-fidelity final prototype

RSA Competition – Complete Care

A group project completed by Arthur Gray, Haseem Wingfield, Oliver Heath, Hal Mills, Morgan Faulkner


“How might we improve the lives of older adults and their carers by encouraging and enabling cultures, and higher standards of care?“


An innovative approach to redesigning the care-home system, featuring a simplified device that allows the elderly to stay connected with their caregivers without the complexity of a smartphone.

Systems Thinking

I led this aspect of the project, focusing on designing a system that was user-friendly for the elderly while providing caregivers with the necessary information. This system connects the device to the app fluidly.

Freelance Graphic Design

Posters for Freestyle Snowsports events in the Alps
2023 Events brochure & renders for Jibworx
Instagram posts for Freestyle Snowsports events


2024 Design School Nominee. Shortlisted for the RSA student awards.

2024 Loughborough AU. Shortlisted for Chair of the Year – Loughborough Snowsports

Work Experience

2022 Inn Gear. As a Junior Project Manager, I managed various tasks such as quoting, furniture design, artwork selection, and overseeing pub and hotel interior installations. I recognized the importance of seamless communication between internal teams and external stakeholders, particularly regarding lead times and cost management. This focus on clear and effective communication ensured the successful execution of projects within specified parameters, leading to client satisfaction and project success.

2023 Jibworx. As a Design Intern, I worked on a diverse array of projects using Adobe Suite software alongside Sketchbook, SolidWorks, KeyShot, and Squarespace. This internship provided me with the unique opportunity to immerse myself in the French Alps during the winter season, where I was fully involved in organizing a range of freestyle snowsports events as part of my role.