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From discovering Fashion and Textiles this year, I have been inspired by both projects ‘Specs & Streaks and Elbow Room’. I became acquainted with mark making, colour theory and layering, which has been an influence for my FMP.

Uniform vs Non-Uniform

Paper & Fabric Outcomes

To create both Uniform and Non-Uniform, I first had to gather some primary research which included photography, observational drawings and mark-making, which formed initial ideas for my project.

I conducted secondary research on multiple fabric designers and artists, which began my exploration into multiple processes that created different textures, marks and patterns.

Towards the end of the project, I photocopied the patterns and colours that I liked the most and fitted best into my categories to reflect both uniform and non-uniform.

With sensitive selection, I collated collections within my categories. To conclude and celebrate my work I am printing the collections onto different surfaces.



Lino Printing