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I am an illustrator who is passionate about unique projects and experimenting with style and motion graphics.

‘Turn the Everyday Into Play’ – D&AD Mac & Cheese Brief

‘Turn The Everyday Into Play’ is a three phase campaign that showcases situations that occur in the everyday with a Mac&Cheese twist, by using playground imagery. Transforming the situations into moments of playfulness, humour and fun – providing Generation Z and Millennials with some comfort over their everyday situations.

Unlikable Boss

Everyday to Play

Generation Z and Millennials have been facing struggles in their day to day lives – ranging from concerns with graduating, applying for jobs, moving away from home and finding the time to have fun with friends.

I have designed posters to represent these moments and used a see-saw, spinner bowl and slide to incorporate the brand and playful aspect. These images would be posted on social media as well as displayed as posters.

Falling Asleep While Studying
Job Hunting
Mac&Cheese Webpage

Scan and Play

The posts would be scannable which leads into phase two of the campaign, where you would simply point your phone camera at the poster to be linked to a page on the Kraft Mac&Cheese website (this link is also available on Mac&Cheese’s social media). There you would be invited to select a poster and edit the text. Seeing how Generation Z and Millennials love to edit and caption images online, this feature provides a way to explore their play – the Mac&Cheese way.

The audience is encouraged to post their edited poster online with the hash tag #MAC&PLAY, where their post is then entered into a competition. The most liked posts will be featured on Mac&Cheese’s social media and displayed digitally to the public.

Mac&Cheese Playground Design

Play in the Everyday

Finally, as a thank you to the audience for playing, I designed a moment of play outside of the digital world – in phase three, with a Mac&Cheese playground. Installed with real slides, see-saws and spinning bowls as seen in the posters – along with Mac&Cheese’s original swing and a vending machine to provide a tasty Mac&Cheese meal.

These playgrounds would be installed in a selection of university campuses and locations across America. Physically bringing ‘play’ into the communities daily, whilst giving them a chance to create fun and comforting moments in stressful times – completing the campaign experience.

Mac&Cheese See-saw

‘A Lifetime of Celebration’ – Duncan Hines

Creation of NASA

‘A Lifetime of Celebration’ is a video which celebrates 75 years of Duncan Hines’ cake mix. Throughout a person’s life there will be many causes for celebration and what better way is there to celebrate life’s great moments – than with a cake.

The video depicts memorable moments that have occurred since the cake mix’s creation, in the early 1950s, through a range of cakes. The video ends with imagery suggesting the beginning of a new generation and lifetime through new customers. It shows the audience how Duncan Hines will be with them throughout their lives, helping them celebrate some of the most memorable moments – as they age.

The video will be viewable at the Degree Show, and also on my personal website.

The First Earth Day
New Year 2000 – The New Millennium
Charles & Diana – The Royal Wedding
The First Women’s World Cup Winners – United States of America


This project consists of an illustrated opening segment and a menu screen which explores the narrative of an original game called ‘Vivid’.

The game revolves around simulation technology called ‘Vivid Dreams’, which has been tampered with overnight, making it dangerous for its users. The opening scene depicts a tampered simulation with the playable character testing some of the simulation’s safety protocols (mirrors and water), which I have included in the narrative – making the technology more believable to the audience, immersing them deeper into the story. Whilst the menu includes the mirror from the opening sequence.

These illustrations aren’t finalised – the completed project (video) can be viewed during the Degree Show, and also on my personal website.

Opening Scene – Sketch
Menu Screen – Sketch