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I'm passionate about Digital Media and illustration, and I look forward to developing more in the digital media field in the future!

D&AD HSBC-Nice to meet you again

HSBC China always provides services for
international students, including a mini program
on WeChat and the advance opening of overseas
bank accounts.

“Nice to meet you again” aims to support Chinese students in facing their new study life in a foreign country, overcoming the feeling of unfamiliarity with the new environment, and deepening their connection with new cultures.

The poster described the scene where students use the HSBC service in daily life the engagement is just like the moment of greetings between friends.

The APP design aims to assist students on their journey from China to daily life in a foreign country.

The checklist pages assist the students by completing the items and plans, which will help them become familiar with the surrounding environment. In addition, students can collect the number of finished items to win prizes,encouraging students to explore the new living environment.

Personal Project- It’s more than memory

The project aims to rebrand Luohu District from Shenzhen. It is the earliest District of Shenzhen. Although places in Luohu have a meaningful history, the District has been judged as old and boring. So, the project aims to change the public impression of Luohu District through Motion graphics and a series of banner designs.