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A multi media student exploring traditional methods of textiles, drawing specific inspiration from the rich heritage of quilting and embroidery.

For the Good of the Lodge

This project in inspired by my love of Forest School camps (FSC), a charity that takes children camping across the British countryside and promotes radical education and learning by doing. FSC, with its 70-year history, embodies ideals of community, cooperation, and the “good of the lodge” mindset, all of which I strive to reflect in my work. Additionally, I draw inspiration from the rich heritage of quilting, which is rooted in traditions of community, protest, and reuse. By merging these influences, my goal is to celebrate the beauty of community and belonging.

Haddenham is a space owned by FSC, it is a building and land built to clean, store and  repair equipment used to run camps, train staff in skills needed to camp and support volunteers in running various parts of the charity. This is the space that I have been designing for.

Machine embroidered block quilt close up.

Quilted pillow with hand appliqued shapes.

Forest School Camps

‘Forest School Camps is a charity run by volunteers. It provides opportunities for children of all backgrounds with experiences in the outdoors. It aims to create a sense of responsibility for each other within a small community close to nature.’

(Forest School Camps)

I chose to use this charity as the basis of all my work because it is very dear to my heart. I have grown up in and surrounded by people from it and I truly believe it has shaped me to be the person I am today.

Machine quilted ‘map’ of Fenwood
Machine embroidered block quilt
Embellished ‘tags’

Journey to the Show

First Semester Work

Also exploring the themes of Forest School Camps and quilting.